ARMA 3 modikeskustelu

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Re: ARMA 3 modikeskustelu

Postby Bummeri » 19 Feb 2019, 14:51 ... 1291442929

Toi pitäs varmaan päivittää. Siellä on uusi asetus, jolla muiden kuin lämärien laittamat splintit ei ole pysyviä. Vois laittaa sen päälle.

Edit. Se olikin jo päivitetty vissiin.
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Re: ARMA 3 modikeskustelu

Postby Anssi » 05 Mar 2019, 20:20

RHS alkaa betatestaamaan yhteisöllä: ... 6750654637

Red Hammer Studios wrote:Starting today, Work In Progress, Development Releases for all of Red Hammer Studios’ mods will be publicly accessible.

We are undertaking this move on a trial basis to attempt to gather feedback from our users more rapidly, in order to publish “bug-free” stable builds. Much like BI has been doing so with the Arma 3 Development Branch. For now, the trial will run until the next stable build (0.4.9) but it will continue on a long-term basis if the process is not fraught with problems.

Weekly Development Build updates will be generated via a automated process that will publish a new build from our development pipeline directly to Steam Workshop, every Tuesday at 04:00 AM GMT. However, we may also manually push updates between scheduled builds in order to test some trickier features that require multiple iterations.
※ Pending scheduling adjustments that we may make while we settle in to the new process.

Development Builds will be published in the state that they are in when the automated deadline is reached. So there will be a fresh, straight out of the oven, WIP content available to test out, but equally it comes with a likelihood of bugs and unfinished data being present in the build.

We ask you to head to our feedback page - and help us iron out any pesky issue that you might find. As a reminder; when submitting new tickets, don’t forget to check if the issue was already reported. Things like editor previews, stringtables, icons & other small art items might be missing until final touches are applied before release.

We advise sticking to stable releases for your official gaming sessions.
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Re: ARMA 3 modikeskustelu

Postby Bummeri » 04 Apr 2019, 13:42

Useampi tekijä on nyt aktivoitunut ACE3 medicalin päivittämiseksi. Toivottavasti saadaan valmistakin nyt.
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Re: ARMA 3 modikeskustelu

Postby Temppa » 05 Apr 2019, 09:38

3CB Factions päivittynyt

Added: Improved texture to UH1H M240s
Added: Static Weapon backpacks to units in Eden Editor
Added: Workaround AFM to UH1H

Fixed: FIA HMG Offroad red texture conflict
Fixed: Incorrect Hilux PKM name
Fixed: M16 optic proxy position
Fixed: MH9 bench and unarmed passenger issue
Fixed: Missing T-series firing effects
Fixed: Randomization of facegear on units can now be disabled in Eden via unit properties or via 3CB module
Fixed: RPK name and incorrect magazine options
Fixed: UH1H Armed side door animation. Now correctly hidden
Fixed: UH1H Missing Rotor Shadows when at high speed
Fixed: V3S Ammo truck having rear FFV turrets

Removed: BIS equipment / weapons from T-series tanks inventory
Removed: Empty T-34 LOD6 ... 1673456286
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Re: ARMA 3 modikeskustelu

Postby Blahh » 07 Apr 2019, 10:21


3cb factions ... /download/

3cb weapons ... d-weapons/
- Ei varsinaista uutta. Nykyään vain optiikat tulevat erillisessä RKSL attachments setissä, joka tulee mukana. Heillä oli vähän dependancy ongelmia tätä ennen.

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Re: ARMA 3 modikeskustelu

Postby Bummeri » 01 May 2019, 22:28

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Re: ARMA 3 modikeskustelu

Postby Tikka » 02 May 2019, 00:35

Bummeri wrote:

CBA päivitys
Villien huhujen mukaan CBA:n settingsit hajoaa päivityksen myötä.

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