RuotsiCOOP: Omfall: Swedish Steel - Part1 - Su 5.5.2019 klo 2000

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RuotsiCOOP: Omfall: Swedish Steel - Part1 - Su 5.5.2019 klo 2000

Postby Immonen » 17 Apr 2019, 10:57

Su 05.05.2019
klo 2000

Pw = hejsna

Arma 3 server
Port = 2302
Pw = hejsna


Omfall: Swedish Steel

Omfall - translated contingency or alternate plan - is a mission series made up of short, infantry-focused missions that require little to zero game master input to function.
The driving idea is to encourage players to try leading a larger force than they usually do by providing a forgiving environment to practice in.

The purpose of this event is to allow players to practice taking the lead in an international setting, and to play with some less often used parts of the core Swedish Forces Pack mod.


General information

Hosted by Anrop

MAY 5, 2019
GAME START 17:30 Zulu / BRIEFING & SLOTTING 17:00 Zulu


Scenario type: Co-op vs AI
Map: Summa
Main mods: ACE + ACEX + Particles, Swedish Forces Pack, CUP, TFAR Beta
Player count: Currently maximum of 40 slots of which 16 are reserved for AFI players.
Medical system: ACE Advanced w/ Splint, no revive, tweaked AFI settings

Forces from the Warszaw pact has performed naval and airborne landings in southern Sweden.
They have forced back the swedes from the area around the village SUMMA.
As part of a larger counter-attack your platoon has now been given the mission to retake a group of defensive positions.

Seize the five fighting positions in any order, and defeat the enemy's attempts at retaking them.

Friendly forces and composition
The order of battle and provided equipment is loosely based on the old Swedish Infanteribrigad 66 and 77 organisational models.

Platoon lead (ANROP)
Forward Observer (ANROP)

1st squad (ANROP)
2nd squad (AFI)
3rd squad (AFI)
Weapons squad (ANROP)
Mortar team (ANROP)

Enemy forces
Warsaw Pact infantry and motorized forces of different nationalities from eras corresponding to the missions.


Scenario details
A setup timer is present in the mission.
You should probably not cross into the combat zone while it is active.
A hard completion timer is also present.
After crossing the red line you have 50 minutes to complete the mission.
The center point of the mortar squad is the mortar marker.
Due to the era this mission is played in your force has no night vision devices or flashlights available.
Instead you will have to rely on flares fired by the mortar team if you require additional lightning.
Additionally, due to an inadequate allocation of flare gun ammunition they are only to be used for signaling.
The platoon leader should establish a protocol for their use, for example to signal when a position has been taken.
The missions end if player casualties exceed a preset percentage of the number of players in the mission, so that there is a proper end to the mission in case of failure.

Lisätietoa: ... sp=sharing

1. Ilmoittaudu AWATS! -16 max pelaajaa!
2. Varaa paikka rosterista!
3. Lataa modit ajoissa!
4. Testaa modit ja yhteydet
5. Ole serverillä ja tessussa AJOISSA!

Modien lataaminen:
Modit ladataan Steam Workshopista. Lataa ensin tapahtuman preset Anropin tapahtumasivun alalaidasta!


Huom! Valinnaisia modeja jotka ovat valmiiksi jo presetissä asennettuna.

DUI - Squad Radar
JSRS Sound mod
JSRS sounds for CUP Vehicles
JSRS sounds for CUP Weapons
JSRS sounds for Swedish Forces Pack

(Jos et halua käyttää niitä ne tulee disabloida itse.)
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Re: RuotsiCOOP: Omfall: Swedish Steel - Part1 - Su 5.5.2019 klo 2000

Postby Bummeri » 02 May 2019, 12:32

Kannattaa tulla mukaan tapahtumaan. Nämä tapahtumat on monesti hyvässä coop hengessä pelattu. Paikalla ei ole TVT mankujia, jolloin tehtävistä voi oikeasti nauttia, kun porukka pelaa huolella.
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Re: RuotsiCOOP: Omfall: Swedish Steel - Part1 - Su 5.5.2019 klo 2000

Postby Immonen » 03 May 2019, 21:50

Huomenna Anrop käynistää servunsa 18:00 suomen aikaa.

Muistakaa siis tarkistaa modien toimivuus ja serverille liittyminen :)

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