Blindzeus - Zeus that kills

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Blindzeus - Zeus that kills

Postby Bummeri » 11 May 2019, 17:55

What is Blindzeus?

Blindzeus is a script you can add to normal zeus that limits his powers so much, that they do not have to self regulate their aggression or tactics. Mission designer gives him resources and a task to accomplish. Zeus can then go pursue her goal to the best of her abilities.

How is Zeus limited?

The main thing is that the curator interface does not show any units that are defined as enemies. They are completely hidden. Zeus can hear them, see dust kicked up by vehicles, see tracers and muzzle flashes. Zeus can actually only see the enemies by taking controls or viewing through subjugated AI units.

Secondarily Zeus cannot use modules or perform actions that would give too much power.

How do I add it to a mission?

a. Add Blindzeus.sqf to mission root folder[+] Spoiler
1. The root folder is the place where you have mission.sqm created by the editor when saving a mission.

b. Add one or several playable units that will be using Blindzeus[+] Spoiler
1. Give them a variable names, eg. Z1-Z9
2. Launch script from init-line. Make sure to assign correct sides for hiding and the unit itself as variables. Options for sides: ["WEST","EAST","CIV","GUER"]
3. Make units playable/player
4. Add description for the unit. This tells people that the role will be using Blindzeus.

c. Add Game master module for each Blindzeus[+] Spoiler
1. Add module from under modules -> zeus -> "game master"
2. Add variable name for module. eg. Z1- Z9 have their modules named ZM1 - ZM9.
3. Define the unit who will be using this module
4. Add a name for the Zeus other players can see
5. Make sure to enable all addons including unofficial ones

d. Add editable Units - module[+] Spoiler
1. Add module from under modules -> zeus -> "Add editable Units"
2. Sync the module to the "game master"- module by right clicking on the module -> Connect -> Sync To

e. Add units for Blindzeus to control during the mission[+] Spoiler
1. Create AI groups
2. Sync all the units to the "Add editable Units"- module

What sort of setup should I use?

- A single Blindzeus can comfortably control 2-4 squads with vehicles at one time
- Two Blindzeuses can coordinate with each other for a larger force
- Blindzeus can support a force consisting of players and they can work together
- You can have Blindzeus receive more troops as the mission progresses
- You can limit the area of action for each Blindzeus by scripts.
- !!! All Units a Blindzeus is assigned should never be local to him. Always to Server or HC.

Scripts and variables

You can keep certain enemy units or vehicles visible to a Blindzeus.
Any units or vehicles added to the array "Bum_Blindzeus_DontHideTheseObjects" wont be hidden. This variable needs to be a global variable on the Zeus player.

By default vehicles are hidden based on their config side. If you need to change this then you can do this on vehicle init line:
this setvariable ["Bum_Blindzeus_forcedVehicleSide","WEST"]; //Possible values: ["WEST","EAST","CIV","GUER"]

You can limit the area where zeus can work by limiting the camera movements and also Editing area.

You can add new units midmission for Blindzeus to control by using addCuratorEditableObjects script command!

Releases and versions
(5.46 KiB) Downloaded 163 times

Version 6 - 11.05.2010
REQUIRES CBA and ACE3! Does support achilles mod!
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Re: Blindzeus - Zeus that kills

Postby JoneKone » 30 May 2019, 10:40

Cheat sheet for Achilles keybind shortcuts.

V = Disembark transported infantry (on vehicle)
G = Disembark all units (also drivers and gunners)
C = Selected unit throws/launches smoke

Ctrl+Double click on selcted unit = 1st person Zeus control of unit
Enter (numpad) = 1 st person view of selected unit (but without remote control).

NB! Do not command vehciles into dense or rocky forrests with AI. They will almost 100% flip the tank or get stuck! Stay to roads or open fields.
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